373: Creating Change, ASCEND & Ella

Aug 11, 2017

This is a special, random, unexpected mini-sode. Today, in fact, just a few minutes ago, my girlfriend Ella from On Air with Ella called to ask me about ASCEND.

When I picked up the call she said “I’m recording us” which was totally fine because we’ve had about a million casual conversations where after the fact we’ve thought – hey, that was some deep stuff. That could have been a podcast! Warning: because this was just a casual chat and we weren’t thinking of it as a podcast, I do cuss. Sorry ’bout it! This episode is marked explicit.

While today wasn’t deep, we still wanted to share with you our chat about ASCEND Boston, what it is and Ella joining the party for a special workshop!

I don’t usually drop Friday episodes but this is a short one and I really hope we’ll see you at ASCEND. Click here to get your tickets or read more below!

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More About ASCEND

For years, the weight of that question, “why do I suck?!” pulled me into an almost constant state of frustration, disappointment and resignation.

To listen to extra info instead of reading it, click here.
Full link here: http://primalpotential.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Ascend-Boston-Email.m4a

I really, really, really wanted to change. I wanted to be healthy, lean, confident, energetic, fit & sexy.

But, I wasn’t doing the work. 

I wanted it more than anything. I really did. But, in moments of temptation, emotion, fatigue or any number of other things, I’d turn to excuses like, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “just one last hurrah to get it out of my system”.

Then of course I’d wonder, “Why do I suck? What is wrong with me? What’s it gonna take? Will I ever do it?

After losing nearly half my body weight and shocking myself more than anyone else with my determination & persistence, I knew I had to help people like me.

It really wasn’t just about weight loss because to be honest, my weight wasn’t the only reason I had this “why do I suck?” feeling.

For a long time, I felt the same way about my finances. I was in debt. I was making decent money at my job but it was all spoken for before it hit my bank account each week because I owed on student loans, credit cards, a mortgage, car payments and a million other things.

I desperately wanted to be able to enjoy my money and find a way out of debt but I continued to buy clothes I didn’t need and coffees that were 4 times the cost it would be to make at home.

So with well over 100 lbs lost and nearly 130K in debt paid off, I knew I had to help others fight the fight. But HOW?

I’ve done a lot of things. Primal Potential is 3 years old and it’s helped hundreds of people with the Fat Loss Fast Tracks, the podcast, blogs, emails, Breaking Barriers & Carb Strategies.

BUT. It’s not enough. It’s not making the impact I know needs to be made. It’s not making the impact I know I’m here to make.

I knew that there were still hundreds, if not thousands of people who were inspired by the content but haven’t taken the steps to make meaningful change in their lives. 

I had to do more. What’s the next evolution? But what? And how? How do I reach them?

ASCEND is how. It cuts through all the crap, rhetoric & theory and helps ME get to YOU. It’s for you and about you. It’s about actively MOVING to the next level of life & achievement. Right there. Right then. Together.

Last year, after feeling like I could only help so much with the podcast, I decided to host a live weekend even in Nashville Tennessee. I remember telling people, “I promise, it will change your life“.

A few days before the event in Nashville, one of my clients emailed me. She had been explaining to her young daughter that she was going on a trip to see Elizabeth Benton. Her daughter replied, “Because she’s going to change your life, right?

Gulp. No friggin’ pressure! I remember talking on the phone with my mom last night and recounting the story to her. She flatly replied, “Well, you told them you would.”

As many of those original ASCEND attendees sign up for our second weekend event this November, I know they got what they came for, I know I did as I promised and here’s the best part.

ASCEND Boston will be even better. I am 10000000% certain of that. I was nervous going to ASCEND last year but this year I am just over-the-moon-excited.

Like I said, there’s only so much I can do on the podcast. We can’t dive deep into YOU. I can’t talk to YOU about your excuses and what’s really behind them. I can at ASCEND. 

On the podcast, I can’t carve out the time for you to REALLY connect with yourself, what you want and what needs to change for you to get it. I can at ASCEND. 

On the podcast, I can’t sit down with you and say “there’s a lot more behind what you’re saying is hard. Let’s power through that now. Let’s set you free from that.” I can at ASCEND. 

I got so, so excited today while I was working on ASCEND. See, I’ve committed a minimum of 1 hour every single day, 7 days a week, between now and ASCEND in November to work on NEW breakthrough topics & challenges to share. As I sat for my hour today I thought, “I think this is my favorite one ever!!! I wish it was November already…” But I know that by then I’ll have 2 solid days worth of new & insanely powerful topics and challenges for us to go through together and I’ll be just as excited to explore each one with you.

I say with confidence & excitement: ASCEND will change your life. 

And and I’m almost as excited that today is the day I get to invite you! 

ASCEND tickets are now on sale! There is tons of information below including what, where, why, how much & what else! Just don’t forget: there are only a total of 80 tickets available for the event.

If you KNOW you need to be there and have heard how spectacular last year was, head to this link now to buy your ticket: http://primalpotential.com/ascendboston/

If you need to know more, I’ve got your back. Let’s cover all our bases.

  1. You can read more about it here.
  2. You can listen to my thoughts, excitement and objectives in this voice note
  3. You can read through some FAQs below.

November 3rd & 4th in Cambridge, MA (just a stone’s throw outside of Boston, right along the beautiful Charles River) There will also be a casual meet up with food & drinks on Thursday night November 2nd. Sessions will start at 8am Friday November 3rd so make sure you’re there by then!

The Courtyard by Marriott Boston-Cambridge in Cambridge, MA just minutes from Harvard Square.

How much?
Tickets are $597. It was important for me to lower the price from last year when tickets were between $797 and $979. This year I challenged myself to give more to more people for less money. It’s about impact, for me. Not income.

What does the price include?
Go here for more info (but read the rest first in case I cover another one of your questions).

Is ASCEND a weight loss event? 
No, it is not, though it will absolutely help you take ANY goal, including weight loss, to the next level. This is about you, getting what you want, and figuring out how to not let previous obstacles & roadblocks stand in your way anymore.

How is ASCEND different from what I talk about in the podcast?
The podcast is general. The podcast isn’t about YOU. The podcast doesn’t allow for personalized attention and activities. It’s information. ASCEND is investigation. Personal investigation and a concentrated focus on YOU.

And if you didn’t listen to the voice note yet – here’s that. My thoughts & intentions about ASCEND. http://primalpotential.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Ascend-Info.m4a

If you have any questions and you’ve reviewed all the above information (and links), don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m happy to chat it through with you!

I really hope to hang out with you in Boston in November! Here’s that link again to learn more about what’s included in the ticket price & to purchase your tickets.



Please note that tickets are non-refundable & non-transferrable. Fortunately, you will not regret attending this event. It might be the best weekend of your year! 🙂



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