In episode 388 I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Sisson to talk about his new book, The Keto Reset Diet. During that interview I decided to give the reset a try, as a way of encouraging my body to be a better fat burning.

Surprisingly, my boyfriend decided to do the reset as well & in the first 12 days he lost 19 pounds.

He was talking about it with some friends when we were out to dinner the other night & the amount of bad (well intentioned but misinformed) advice that got tossed around was staggering.

I’m not one to give unsolicited advice so I didn’t jump in or counter any arguments, I just listened. I’m sure my boyfriend knew that my mind was racing, but I’m certainly not going to correct anyone who isn’t looking to learn (but rather to share what they’re sure they know).

Anyways, in today’s episode I thought I’d share the advice that was tossed around and give my two cents where people do come to hear my insights & opinions.

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388: Mark Sisson & The Keto Reset Diet 

The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson

387: How To Become A Better Fat Burner

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