The other day in my Daily Stoic Journal I answered the following question:

If I lived today as if it were my last, what would I do?

At first, I copped out. I wrote out all the things I’d do & then all the reasons why I couldn’t do them. I mean, I have to work! I have responsibilities.

Then, I caught myself and said: within the framework of my current reality, what can I do?

Instead of focusing on what I would do but can’t, what are the things I should do & can?

One of those things I said I’d do if it was my last day on earth is record a final message for my Primal Potential family. 

So, though this is not the last Primal Potential podcast, I wanted to record it as though it was. These are all the things I’d want you to know if it was my last day on earth.

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