I’ve pointed out to a few clients this week that they are asking the wrong questions. They are solving for the right thing. Most recently, a client said, “I can’t figure out why I’m so inconsistent”.

Wrong question. You’re solving for the wrong thing.

When you ask why you’re so inconsistent, you’re looking for evidence to support the problem. What you should be asking is, “How can I be more consistent today?”

In today’s listener Q&A episode, we’re diving into your questions and a few times, we’re exploring how the question can be shifted to be way more empowering and effective.

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Questions Tackled In Today’s Episode:

Is there an update on EB’s experimentation with CBD? How is that going? Has she noticed any changes?

What does EB indulge in that IS worth it??

I don’t drink coffee, but can I do bulletproof hot tea?

What are good ways to keep a mindset focused on consistent effort over time?

How do I change a lifetimes worth of habits?

How do I get control of my mindless eating so I can lose weight for good?

How do I break free from analysis paralysis?


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