your forever fat loss
starts now.

Together, with the Fat Loss Fast Track, we'll create your transformation.


You have doubts.

That's good. That's a great sign. 

I know you aren't sure this will be an different from your past failed attempts. 

I know you aren't sure if YOU will be any different from the times you've quit and make excuses & exceptions. 

The fact that you have doubts tells me that you're READY for something different. You're ready to change. 

I promise it is possible to end the struggle. 

And we can end it right now, together. 

If you have tried every diet under the sun, I'm talking to you.

If you're ready to stop wishing for change & commit to working for it, I'm talking to you. 

I've been there. I understand. I am here to help you succeed.

Fat Loss Fast Track is a highly interactive 12-week transformation opportunity where together we establish life long habits, implementing fat loss best practices and eliminating all the mental & emotional barriers between you today & where you want to be

YOU can transform.
Fat Loss Fast Track is about creating
the plan that works for YOU.

If you keep doing what you've been doing,
you'll keep getting what you've been getting.

If you're anything like me, your dieting frustration often backfires.

You cycle between determined and defeated, and your consistency varies wildly.

Though you aren't always "doing the work" you're always thinking about doing the work, wishing you had more focus & willpower. 

When things get tough, you don't have a lifeline who is there to pick you up, dust you off & refocus you.

You drift. You lose ground.

And what happens if you stay in that cycle? I think you know the answer.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Your trust in yourself continues to erode. 
Your frustration grows. 
You move further away from  your goals. 
The barriers to progress grow before your eyes.

Let's do something different. 

I want to help YOU. 
I don't want to make you comply with "my plan". 

I want to help you create your plan.


Fat Loss Fast Track Is Different


I know how isolating, uncertain & lonely it can be to try to lose weight after repeated failures. 

Maybe you don't trust yourself. 

Maybe you aren't comfortable resisting daily temptations. 

We will do this together.

Not only can you email me any time for support, we have a private Facebook group that is an amazing community of people rallying together to find strength & overcome challenges.


These weekly webinars are an absolute FAVORITE of Fast Track members!

We talk through struggles, challenges, victories & how to stay focused for another week. 

Have a busy schedule? No sweat! These webinars are delivered right to your inbox so you can watch or listen whenever it works for you! 


Complexity is the enemy of execution.  At the start of each week you will receive ONE single challenge. 

The challenge might be related to food, tracking, mindset or movement, but it's just ONE. 

Together, we practice that single challenge each day, ensuring that we're always making progress but never feeling overwhelmed. 


If you have listened to much of what I say or write, you know that I think tracking is critically important. 

I'm not talking about counting calories or macros, but listening to your body and learning how food makes you feel. 

I've put together a journal that will help you track your food, your hormonal biofeedback, emotions, effort and progress. 

These journals are incredible tools that current and past members adore!


This is not a diet. 

The Fat Loss Fast Track is 100% customizable to your lifestyle & your preferences. 

My entire goal is to help you find what works for you

As one member wrote to me, "Instead of giving you a fish, it's teaching you to fish...forever". 

We will work through how the challenges fit into your life. 

We will practice integrating the nutritional best practices into your preferences. 

In short (or not so short?) this is all about YOU


If you aren't working out at all, that's 100% fine. You will see that I encourage you to get comfortable with journaling and good food choices first

But I also want to show you that movement can be empowering. It doesn't have to be scary or uncomfortable (or long!) We will help you ease in to quality movement in less than 5 minutes each day. 

Are you already working out regularly? Great! We've got a series of workouts & tutorials to help you ensure your workout is effective & efficient for fat loss. 

This works. 
Even for you.

One of my members recently shared with me, "This is the only weight loss program I've ever been a part of where no member is ever left behind".

No one. 
Even you. 

I intentionally limit the size of the group to ensure that no one is left behind. 

I intentionally limit the size of the group so I can answer every single question, concern or struggle personally. 

I know your situation is unique. 

This 12-week program isn't about a one-size-fits-all solution because those are bunk.

This is about YOU.

You will not be left behind. 

Don't listen to me, listen to them.

I was thinking about it…and in the last 5 years, I could have saved about $10,000 and replaced all the things I was frantically trying to do with working with you
It has been amazing...I have lost 15-20 lbs, 3 inches off my stomach, 5 inches off my hips & 3% body fat! 
Since I started this process I have lost 21.2 lbs, 3½” off my hips, 2½” off my waist and 2¼” off my bust.  I am elated as this is for sure a lifestyle for me now.  I still enjoy going out to eat, I still enjoy some wine but in a more controlled manner and I always question/chat with myself before I decide on something.
...I am a happier and healthier person today because of you. I am sure you receive thanks all the time but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me to become the changed person I am today. I got very emotional at the weekend when I shopped for new clothes.  As I looked at myself in the dressing room mirror I saw how much my body has changed and I felt so proud of myself and happy.  I had been judging myself by my clothes and weighed myself this morning just to see where I am before heading home.  I started at 215.8 lbs and today I am 194.6 lbs. 

You have doubts.

I asked the amazing people in my pas Fat Loss Fast Tracks what doubts they had prior to joining and how the reality compared with their reservations. 

Some were concerned about the cost. Without exception, they realized that the value provided far exceeds the cost. 

Some were concerned that they wouldn't do the work. They found that the level of engagement & bite-sized nature of the challenges kept them motivated & focused. 

Some were concerned that I wouldn't be accessible & have been blown away by my investment in their journey and daily availability. 

Ok! I'm In!

Forget Excuses. Get Results.

You've got questions

How much access will we have to you, Elizabeth?

More than you probably want, haha! 

Between our webinars, emails, level up lectures and private Facebook group, I'm an active participant in your journey every day.

If there's a question or challenge you don't want to ask publicly in the Facebook group, I completely respect that & encourage you to reach out to me via email whenever you need support. 

What is included?

One Weekly Challenge

Weekly Webinars

Private Facebook Group

Food & Feelings Journal

Customized Goal Setting

Level Up Motivational Messages

Ongoing Support & Encouragement

Recipes & Meal Ideas

Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

Optional Workouts for All Levels


I usually lose motivation. How can you help me stay on track?

The benefit of me having lost well over 100 lbs is that I understand how natural (and frustrating) it is for motivation to ebb & flow. 

I've structured the program to ensure that we are in REGULAR contact via email, webinars, motivational audio and in the Facebook group. Merely bringing regular attention to your goals is a huge factor in staying motivated. 

Most importantly - if you feel your motivation waning, let me know. Post in the Facebook group and allow the entire community to rally around you. Or, if you're more private, shoot me an email.

Does this require expensive, fancy, organic foods? 

Heck no, techno! 

First, there is no food list or meal plan. 

Why? Because I don't know what foods you love. 

Besides, if food lists & meal plans worked, you wouldn't be here. You'd have achieved your goals already. 

I teach strategies, principles and guidelines. 

I teach habit building. 

I encourage tearing down barriers and obstacles instead of following someone else's rules. 

I want you to find foods you love that love you back. 

You can make that work on a budget or you can choose to eat the most expensive items on the plant. Your choice. 

What kinds of results can I expect in 12 weeks?

Well, what kind of effort do you plan to invest? 

Here's what I've told past groups:

If you decide to give me 12 weeks of doing the work and trusting the process, one day at a time, you will transform. 

Or, if you pick & choose the challenges you want to undertake, your results can be underwhelming. 

Either way: I will not give up on you. 

Some people lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks. Others lose 2. 

They would probably tell you that if their results were lackluster it's because their effort was, too. 

How is this different from a 12-week whole foods diet?

Well, I guess because it's not a 12-week whole foods diet. 

So it's kind of like, "How is a cow different from a pillow?"

Gosh, where to start? 

This is not a diet. It is not a short term strategy. 

I do not encourage you to make 180 degree changes. 

We begin by paying attention to what we're eating & why.

We slowly build one life-long habit after another. 

This isn't about giving you a plan and willing you to follow it. 

This is about creating a plan that works for you, gets you results and you enjoy implementing. 

Let's do this together.