Food is fighting you. Let's fight back.

The typical approach to diet is based on willpower:
"I will not eat the donuts"

Let's try a new approach (it works).
"I do not want the donuts"

But wait - I am NOT talking about positive psychology. 
I'm talking about actually changing the foods you desire & crave.

It is 100% possible. 
I know this from experience. 
I used to weigh nearly 350 lbs and constantly crave Hostess cupcakes, Taco Bell & Diet Coke, to name a few. 

I didn't lose over 100 lbs through willpower. 

I completely retrained my palate and I no longer desire those things. 

Since then, I've helped my clients do the same thing. Now, I want to help you. 

Food has changed. 

Whole foods have changed. 
Processed foods have changed. 
Your palate has been hijacked by food manufacturers & chemical companies. 

In our 14-days together, I'm going to help you reclaim it. For free. 

I'll be sharing recipes, meal ideas, empowering facts & strategies every single day for 14 days and, if you are willing to do the work, you'll see pretty remarkable results!

Let's kick cravings, find the flavorful foods you love & accelerate fat loss while having some fun along the way!