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760: Past is Not Prologue

Do you lead with your past? How things have been? Where you’ve dropped the ball? The things you’ve tried before? In today’s motivational minis ode, we hammer home the fact that past cannot be prologue.

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759: How to Step Out of Insecurity

This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who struggles with insecurity or all-or-nothing thinking. My interview with Mallory Campbell is FULL of strategies and perspectives to take your life to the next level!

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758: Accountability, Motivation & Having a Plan

Q&A with EB and Sarah

In today’s episode, we’re talking about the important connection between having a plan, following through and staying motivated to work towards your goals every day.

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Here’s the list of questions we’re answering in the Q&A:

  • Should I plan what I eat every day?
  • How do I keep my cravings for wine under control? Wine is the biggest saboteur of my goals.
  • How do I motivate myself and stay motivated?
  • How can I hold myself accountable?

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757: HOW TO Get Out of Your Own Way

When I ask, “What stands between you and your goals?” I quickly realize that whether known or unknown, it’s ourselves. We are the thing in the way. Today, we’ll talk about a 2-part approach you can implement today to end your pattern of getting in the way of the life and goals you want.

756: All-Or-Nothing Is A Lie

Do you ever fall into “all or nothing” thinking? Screw it, I blew it, I’ll start tomorrow? That’s less about the “error” in your choice and far more about the dishonesty in your own thoughts!

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