355: Intensity of Temptation & Fighting Against Yourself

This might be one of my favorite episodes ever. Here’s what happened: I got an email from a client who was really struggling. In the heat of a moment of frustration, she wanted to eat.

She was simultaneously making choices that weren’t aligned with her goals AND mad at herself that she was still fighting these battles with food.

While bemoaning the ongoing struggle, she chose to turn to food.

She was feeling emotional, overwhelmed and held captive by temptation & surrender.

We went back & forth over email and voice note and when it was all said & done, I asked if I could share our exchange on the podcast. Fortunately for everyone who listens, she said yes.

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15 replies
    • Tia
      Tia says:

      One thing I loved about this besides adding to my new list of positive phrases to learn and repeat to myself was hearing someone else have a similar struggle to what I have had. Sometimes I think to myself I must be the only one that feels or thinks this way. Why am I such a failure?!?! Why am I so out of control?!?!? but like this example showed me, if I just reframe my thought life, I can change my LIFE! Love love love this episode too!

  1. Tracey Levine
    Tracey Levine says:

    I loved this episode. It makes me even more excited for Fat Loss Fast Track to begin. After hearing this podcast I truly know I made the right choice to sign up.

  2. DeLeslyn
    DeLeslyn says:

    Love love love love this episode!!!!! So helpful to hear someone halfway around the world I suppose feels the same way I do sometimes!!!!!!

  3. Coua Early
    Coua Early says:

    Thanks for posting this exchange – I think hearing the personal exchange has been a good bridge between the FLFT and the two weeks before the Veteran’s group begins. Despite continuing to journal, make the best choices possible and continuing my own personal journey, little thoughts of “why am I bothering” and “I know, I know, I know” have been creeping in. . . This has really helped me re-focus and has confirmed for me that the effort continues to be worth it. Just what I needed, when I needed it.

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Hi Coua! I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. When you have those thoughts like “why am I bothering?”, really take the time to answer. Why ARE you trying? And, is it a bother? What do you want & why? Sometimes we stop with just “why am I bothering?” and focus on the frustration. But if it’s a question, follow it up with a complete answer versus thinking in incomplete ideas. xoxo

  4. Kaci
    Kaci says:

    Love the episode & yes to the style. I always enjoy your openness, caring, honesty, and authenticity. I know my own head plays out situations like that from time to time. It is refreshing to to actually acknowledge it and promote win the moment. Ironically, yesterday I binged listened to a lot of the more recent Primal Potential Podcasts and I can’t remember which episode – on 1 of them it was a new mantra for me “I don’t argue with myself” to help stop the drama thoughts and choose a way out.

  5. Linda
    Linda says:

    Loved this one! Take yourself somewhere else, it can be that simple. Thanks for sharing this, and how we can choose ourselves out of these situations with the right mindset and thoughts (even when it feels like you’re back on square one).

  6. Margo
    Margo says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth! Yes, this was helpful. Loved knowing that crazy cravings last mere seconds on their own. Now on to learning how to distract myself (or redirect) rather than me fanning the flames.


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