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Lots of people are talking about short term weight loss strategies and dieting hacks. Primal Potential breaks down all the myths & misinformation & helps you create a strategy that works for you!

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426: Discipline Equals Freedom (Book Review)

I read a lot. Multiple books each week. Within the Primal Potential Masters Club we have a monthly book club where we read, discuss and implement the strategies within many of my all time favorite books. Every once in a while I do a book club episode on the podcast...

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425: Creating Balance With Food & Life

Does being disciplined mean missing out on connection? How do you balance making great food choices with enjoying life to the fullest and reaching your goals? That's one of the questions we're tackling on today's podcast episode. Today I'm taking you inside a clip of...

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What is Primal Potential?

Primal Potential is about you. It’s about your health, your goals, your lifestyle and stepping into your ability to live up to your full potential.

Primal Potential definitely focuses on mastering fat loss naturally, which is not dieting. In fact, fortunately for all of us, Primal Potential isn’t like the millions of weight loss companies on the planet. It’s pretty opposite from them, actually.

We’re inundated with “follow the leader” programs. “Experts” telling us to just eat this, avoid that & move more and we’ll achieve all our goals.