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Meet Elizabeth Benton

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and I’m a lot like you.

Maybe you’ve never been overweight, in debt, or depressed. I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot with all three. Oh! And my job had me stressed to the max.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back then I felt like a walking, talking hypocrite. I had a degree in nutrition and could tell you, logically, exactly how to improve your health.

Meanwhile, I was over 300lbs and cycled between restrictive dieting and binge eating. I felt completely out of control and stuck in a life I didn’t want. The shame was overwhelming.

After trying everything short of voodoo to change my life (and I do mean everything), I finally realized it wasn’t me that was the failure. It was the methodology. So I found a new perspective. I shifted the paradigm on how I approached every goal, and it worked. I realized I could build any type of life I wanted.

I’ve lost weight, paid off my debt, wrote a bestselling book, and started a weekly podcast (now with thousands of 5 star reviews and over 10 million downloads).

I’ve dedicated myself to a limitless life. And I want to help you do the same thing. And trust me, it will be so much easier this time!

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“Primal Potential”? What’s that?

Do you give absolutely everything to see your family succeed, only to accept the bare minimum for yourself?

Do you work overtime and beyond, answering every call and email, while your true passions lay dormant?

I spent precious years of my life constantly working, struggling, fighting, and I was left starving and frustrated—physically and mentally.

It just didn’t make sense that I could find so much success and discipline in one area of my life, but seemed incapable of leveraging that to achieve the thing I wanted more than anything else.

Then one day I realized I was playing by someone else’s rules. 

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I decided to accept the fact that I had innate worth and all opportunities were open to me. Once I learned that I had control over my thoughts, change was easy.

I had tapped into my primal potential. And I became completely obsessed with sharing what I had learned.

Finding your primal potential means letting go of years of pain, heartache, and frustration, and making your life truly your own.

I started a weekly podcast, and millions of women just like you and me started listening, sharing, and transforming. That podcast has become the drumbeat behind an entire business built to show you exactly how to have an exceptional life. And you’re invited to join the club. Are you in?

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How I Connected With

My Primal Potential


I come from a long line of naturally thin women. And I was taught early on that chubby was the wrong kind of different.


Crash dieting hit a fever pitch in college, where I once spent months eating only tilapia and apples so that I could binge on diet ice cream and sugar-free cookies.


My obsession with diet inspired me to pursue a degree in nutrition. I even worked for a weight loss & supplement company! But I stayed fat. And unhappy.


After paying off massive debt in just over a year, I realized I already knew how to make big changes with small steps in my life—even if it wasn’t the journey I’d always pictured. I went on to lose 150 lbs. And I was just getting started.


In 2014, I started the Primal Potential Podcast to start showing other women how easy change could be when they stopped being a slave to their thoughts.


In 2017, I started a coaching program that has now helped over 4,000 people take an easier road to big life changes


I published my first book, Chasing Cupcakes, in early 2019, and it quickly became an Amazon #1 best-seller.


In 2020, my husband and I welcomed, and then tragically lost, our beautiful daughter Dagny. The Dagny Foundation was formed in her memory.


As I worked through my grief, I knew more clearly than ever that I was called to help women live to their fullest potential. A new book, Tools For the Trenches, is on the way, Primal Potential published over 900 episodes, and online courses expanded and became more accessible than ever.

Chasing Cupcakes: How One Broke, Fat Girl Transformed Her Life (and How You Can, Too)

I’m missing out on my life. What’s wrong with me? If that’s ever crossed your mind, and if you know there’s more to life than what you’ve been living, this book is for you. It sucks to acknowledge that you are what’s keeping you from the life you want. You sacrifice what you want most for what you want in the moment. You know everything you’re supposed to do, and yet you feel stuck—limited by your past, overwhelmed by your future—in a purgatory of your own behavior. After decades of feeling trapped by this mindset, Elizabeth Benton shifted her whole life by proving her own stories wrong. In this book, Elizabeth will help you live a new story, in which you can, you will, and you already have everything you need to make it happen.

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