195: The Golden Rules of Carbs and Fat Loss

Jun 23, 2016

Forget what you have heard!  You can eat carbohydrates and still successfully meet your fat loss goals and maintain the results.

There are hundreds of opinions related to carbs & fat loss and it’s tough to know which one is most effective. We’re going to clear that up and ensure that you don’t have to subscribe to models of restriction or deprivation in order to burn fat and have plenty of energy.

In today’s episode, I discuss 4  smart carb strategies (aka The Golden Rules of Carbs and Fat loss) that, when implemented, will help you unlock your health and weight potential while increasing your energy, decreasing your cravings and stabilizing your hunger.

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The Golden Rules of Carbs and Fat Loss

Listen to the episode to hear my detailed explanation for the following:

A).  Who can benefit from implementing these strategies?

B).  What are carbohydrates?

C) Do the golden rules of carbs and fat loss apply to all carbohydrates or are there exceptions?

D) How do the golden rules of carbs and fat loss apply to individuals who workout?

E).  What are the 4 strategies?  What effect do they have on blood sugar, insulin, and cortisol levels?

You’ll want to listen to the full episode to hear the explanation of the golden rules, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Eat your starchy carbs at the right time
  • Choose the right quality of carbohydrates
  • Consume the right quantity
  • Pair your carbs with the right company


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