Episode 058 – Understanding Fat Loss: The Insulin Effect

Jun 16, 2015

In today’s episode we take a closer look at the master fat loss hormone: insulin. We talk about how it turns off fat burning, how it impacts health, energy, hunger and cravings and how to know if you’ve developed insulin resistance. We’ll also talk about understanding fat loss in light of insulin resistance and what you can do to improve your body’s overall sensitivity to insulin.

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Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is insulin & how does it work
  • Evolution: we were not designed to handle high blood sugar
  • The health implications of chronically elevated blood sugar and insulin
  • How chronically elevated insulin impairs fat burning
  • Insulin resistance: how it develops and how we can reverse it
  • Carbohydrate storage
  • Carb spillover – when carbs get stored as fat
  • How chronic carb consumption impairs energy and thyroid function
  • How to know if you are insulin resistant
  • Optimal blood sugar levels


Carbohydrate Strategies for Sustainable Fat Loss

Perfecting Paleo by Ashley Tudor

Carbohydrate Spillover

Carb Tolerance and How To Improve Yours!

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