363: Loving Food & Losing Weight

The other day I had a powerful interaction with someone in my Primal Potential Masters Club. She loves food (I do too) and she’s struggling with a feeling of “missing out” if & when she’s trying to eat less.

How do you love food & still lose weight? I promise it’s possible…

She knows she is probably eating too much but the idea of eating less creates a real uneasiness for her.

She called it fear. Whatever it is for you, it can feel like tension, deprivation, fear of missing out or lack. Today we’re going to dive into solutions for those fears.

Big shout out to this super special client for being open to me sharing some of our exchange.

**This episode is explicit for language and content beginning around the 25+ minute mark**

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  1. Elisabeth from overseas
    Elisabeth from overseas says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    For the first time listening to the postcast I thought.. ‘wow I have such a different experience with this topic’. And I’m just here to share my side so perhaps others who feel the same can see this too and take something from it.

    In this podcast you encourage us to explore when you enjoy food the most. And for yourself you state and share that you enjoy a meal or snack (as wine and ice) the most when you are ‘really really hungry’. Now for me that is completely different.
    I found that when I wait until I’m really hungry, I tend to rush preparing the meal (for example a salad at lunchtime) and I also rush into the first half of eating it just to get that to that ‘not so hungry stage anymore’ as from which point I can slow down and start to enjoy the meal way more. So the point of enjoyment comes not with the first bites at all. But when I can slow down 🙂 This made me realize also why I tend to take seconds. I rush through the first plate feeling more satisfied on the hungerfront but still missing that feeling of ‘having really enjoyed eating’.

    So in order to stick to one plate which is really enough as it is most of the time. I need to not wait for feeling really hungry.. but just to eat at set times. (And for me right now that is 3 times a day) Or sometimes it helps to drink water while cooking to take the edge of. I found that feeling hungry many of the time is just thirst!

    Either way.. just wanted to share that this helps me sticking to actually enjoying that one plate. Not feeling rushed and usually when I postpone the second plate to later..for example after a workout.. by then I really don’t need or crave it anymore.

    In your podcasts you always motivate us to find out ‘what works for you’.. And this works for me so I just wanted to share this experience! Thank you for your great podcasts Elizabeth! You are an inspiration.

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Great points! I think hungry or not hungry could easily be replaced with paying attention or not paying attention. We are satisfied more when we are really paying attention to the food we’re eating versus being distracted. Beyond that, it’s each our responsibilities to understand what satisfies us & when.


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