Episode 031: The Truth About Omega 3s

In this episode we’re talking about what omega 3 fatty acids are, which types of omega 3 improve our health and which ones don’t really move the needle. We go into the right and wrong types of foods for omega 3s and practical implementation strategies for really getting the true benefits from these powerful fatty acids! It is important to understand the truth about omega 3s, especially the fact that vegetarian sources of omega 3 do not deliver the health benefits we need. So many myths, so little time! Have questions about supplements? We’re talking about those, too! I’ll give you specific things to look for when buying an omega 3 supplement. Things you need to know! Hit “Play”!

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The Problem: Generally speaking, we are wildly deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and consuming far too many omega 6 fatty acids. Why? Because we over-consume processed foods, wheat and grains which are rich in pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids and we under-consume good sources of omega 3 fatty acids like fatty fish and grass fed meat. Plus, people get really confused about omega 3s. They are not all created equal. Vegetarian sources of omega 3s don’t contain the super healthy omega 3s – EPA and DHA. We need to target the EPA & DHA. Along the same lines, not all dietary supplements are created equal and just because you’re supplementing doesn’t mean you’re getting what your body really needs. Deficiency is linked to nearly all inflammatory diseases, ADD, ADHD, infertility, depression, vascular disease, hormonal imbalance and much more.

The Solution: We need to focus on increasing our consumption of particular omega 3s known to deliver powerful health benefits (EPA & DHA) while also decreasing our consumption of omega 6s. One without the other is not enough!

Practical Implementation:

  1. Reduce consumption of processed foods
  2. Reduce consumption of sugar and starch
  3. Eat wild-caught fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring
  4. Choose grass fed meats
  5. Supplement intelligently, looking for supplements that emphasize EPA & DHA

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18 replies
  1. Andrea Sadowski
    Andrea Sadowski says:

    My favorite way to eat salmon is very simply to season with a little salt and pepper and grill lightly. Squeeze a little lemon on and enjoy.

  2. Patty Solberg
    Patty Solberg says:

    I love to brush salmon with olive oil, grill it and add whatever seasonings available. Grill some veggies too. Yum!

  3. Ray Faulkenberry
    Ray Faulkenberry says:

    So many ways to love fish BUT my all-time favorite is to fry it in grass-fed butter and then top it with a mixture of mashed avocado and mango… Heaven! Thanks so much for the blog and podcasts!

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Hi Ray! That sounds absolutely awesome. 4 of my favorite things!!! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the blog and podcast! Stay in touch and let me know if you ever have questions or suggestions!

  4. Anita Brokans
    Anita Brokans says:

    I never cared for salmon until I went to Alaska to go salmon fishing with members of my family. I still remember the salad with a piece of grilled salmon on it that I had at a roadside stand…I became an instant fan. And I have become quite a snob as I haven’t eaten Atlantic salmon in years….if you read the label, coloring has been added to make it pink.

    Living in apartment, I now enjoy salmon by poaching in the oven, wrapped in foil with dill and lemon slices on it. Yum!!!!

    • Jordan
      Jordan says:

      I think the rest of my comment was cut off after the winking emoji. It should have read something like this. “Shellfish… Still has the word fish and omega 3 😉 Being a Maine girl, I love my lobster. At the age of two, I busted in on my parents anniversary dinner wanting some of their lobster feed. Our favorite way to eat lobster is steaming them on a bed of seaweed, picked, and soaked in a dish of butter. My Nana and I add apple cider vinegar to the butter for a tangy and creamy taste that is delicious.”

  5. Shannon Clark
    Shannon Clark says:

    I LOVE smoked salmon, especially scrambled in eggs with a little bit of cream cheese. I’m excited to try the half an avocado with smoked salmon and an egg baked inside you spoke about in the podcast. YUMMY!


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