Transform your mindset.

What is Breaking Barriers?

Breaking Barriers in an online course that focuses on mindset transformation. Through powerful, short audio lectures and personalized tools, Breaking Barriers will empower you to stop looking externally for transformation, finally overcome what’s really been holding you back, and achieve lasting change! 

what is Breaking Barriers

Why Breaking Barriers?

Are you frustrated by all of the diet trends and goal setting systems? 

Have you experienced information overload as you try to find a better approach?

Are you tired of setting the same goals over and over only to fail again?

Hi. I’m Elizabeth Benton and I get it. For years, I was there, too. I had a degree in nutrition and could talk to you for hours about all the ways you could improve your health and lose weight but… I was over 300lbs. I was drowning in debt. I was exhausted from trying but never breaking through. I felt stuck. 

Just like you, I knew enough. I just wasn’t doing enough.

Fast forward to today. I have finally achieved the lasting change I dreamed of!

I’m debt free and have lost over 150lbs! I’ve also spent more than 10,000 hours coaching over 3,000 clients, helping them achieve similar results. 

What I needed to finally get unstuck wasn’t another diet or another meal plan. My transformation came from learning to overcome my emotions, my excuses, and my procrastination. That’s why I created the Breaking Barriers course for you. To help you tap into your primal potential, shift your mindset, and finally achieve breakthrough. 

What are people saying about Breaking Barriers?

This course is life-changing!

I am at the start of my weight loss journey and after taking this course, feel far more motivated and capable of change.

I would recommend the course to anyone who has ever struggled with emotional eating and/or the diet mindset.

Thank you, Elizabeth for putting me on the path to success!


Elizabeth has produced a set of lectures that will open your eyes to what is really going on in your life — not just with respect to eating.

Elizabeth really gets it — makes one think she knows you personally.

I listen to the lectures over and over because there are new golden nuggets to be gleaned each time.

You won’t regret purchasing this course.


Super helpful as I have come to realize that food used to be so much more than fuel.

It was my friend, my therapist…all this emotional stuff! Your course I took on Breaking Barriers truly was life-changing. All the diets and in the world (yeah, I have been on all of them, just like you) won’t work if I don’t acknowledge and understand my relationship with food.






  • What is included? The course is built around audio lectures and personalized tools. The tools are a series of worksheets so that you are better able to apply what you’ve learned to your own life and practice strategies that will lead to your transformation. Some of the audio lectures are 30-40 minutes. There are also some that are much shorter and even a few short, guided meditations for moments when you need clarity, moments when you need encouragement or moments when you need to be pumped up. 
  • How long will it take me to go through the course? You could whiz through all the lectures in a weekend if you decide to Netflix-style-binge listen, but I don’t recommend that. I suggest that you listen slowly & intentionally, making sure to complete every worksheet along the way. When you find an area where you need to focus or improve, I encourage you to practice that strategy until you feel ready to move on to the next thing. Most of the students (including myself!) go through the course multiple times.
  • Will Breaking Barriers tell me what to eat? Nope, Breaking Barriers does not focus on what we eat, it focuses on why we eat. From my experience, most of us don’t make bad food choices because we don’t know any better, we make bad food choices because in a moment of emotion or temptation, we just don’t care. When we understand the emotions that drive our decisions and we create powerful pattern interrupts, what we eat takes care of itself because our decisions are no longer fueled by impulse and emotion. 
  • How much does Breaking Barriers cost? You pay one payment of $197 for a full year of access to the course & all the course materials as well as my support as needed. The year begins on the date of purchase. 
  • How much access do we have to you, Elizabeth? As much as you need. I mean that. I encourage all students to reach out to me with questions, support, challenges and progress reports. This is a self-guided course that becomes immediately available to you when you purchase. Let me elaborate: I feel that many people don’t make progress because they spend too much time looking outwards (for solutions – often finding distractions) and not enough time looking inwards. Breaking Barriers is about providing you with TOOLS so you can understand YOURSELF. Breaking Barriers is about you, not me. It’s about how you get in your own way & what you need to do to stop. As one of my students recently emailed me, Breaking Barriers is about teaching you to fish instead of giving you a fish. It is a forever tool.
  • Is there a private Facebook group for Breaking Barriers? Nope, there is not, for a very powerful reason: Breaking Barriers is very personal. I want your full energy & attention on understanding your self-limiting beliefs, on understanding & identifying when and why you emotionally eat and how you self-sabotage. Breaking Barriers is about you.

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