Your Carb Strategy for Fat Loss

Hey there! Welcome to Primal Potential! I’m so glad you’re here! Here’s the video I promised you! It’s just 5 minutes and it will tell you one of the most effective and sustainable carbohydrate strategies for fat loss! Plus, I’ll be sending you a few more! Check out the video and tell me what you think!

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Since you’re here (and I’m totally pumped that you are), I wanted to give a a little welcome gift! It’s only for folks who sign up for this video and email series so you can consider yourself special (and you should)! Here’s the scoop – I put together a self-guided, comprehensive e-course on ALL things carbohydrates and fat loss. We’re talking about hormones, good carbs/bad carbs, fruit, beans, wheat – we even go into specific strategies for troubleshooting, navigating dinners out and improving your carbohydrate tolerance! There are tons of recipes & meal ideas plus a cool discussion board where you can ask me questions and get my help with troubleshooting. Lifetime access to the course is $79 but since you’re here,  you can get it for $49 if you use the coupon code Golden. Just follow this link and use the coupon code  Golden to get immediate access for just $49.

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