285: How To Leverage Deliberate Practice for Faster Progress

When I get emails from clients or listeners who are sharing a struggle or asking for help, I often respond by asking, “what does your practice look like?”

You might understand the problem and you probably understand many of the solutions, too. But, understanding doesn’t take the place of deliberate practice.

It’s not enough to say “I want to lose weight” because there are a million different things you could do on any given day to lose weight.

Deliberate practice will dramatically accelerate your results. It requires that you identify one specific improvement you want to achieve and define your practice.

From there you must practice CONSISTENTLY & with great effort. Don’t miss today’s episode for a deep dive into deliberate practice!

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  1. Jason G
    Jason G says:

    “Looking for shortcuts is the long way around.”

    I just realized the “I’m going on a diet” mindset I have had in the past was me looking for a shortcut to get the results without the real work. I was totally bypassing specific obstacles I needed to overcome to achieve long-term success. The real “shortcut” is to tackle the core of my obstacle head on with patience and lots of practice, until the obstacle is chipped away into a path. It totally makes sense why my dieting has never worked in the past. Great episode!


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