317: What Are You REALLY Hungry For? Connection with Yourself & Others

If you keep turning to food, despite your goals to lose weight or get healthy, it’s time to consider: what are you REALLY hungry for?

I’ve said for years that transformation is far more about tackling WHY we eat and not as much about WHAT we eat. In fact, that’s why I created Breaking Barriers.

But today we’re diving deeper into what is often missing: lack of connection & relationship with yourself (first and foremost) and also with others.

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Breaking Barriers – Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs & Emotional Eating

What Is Breaking Barriers

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4 replies
  1. Jason G
    Jason G says:

    Excellent episode! Thank you for sharing and recording this. You are very good at breaking things down and exposing the root of a problem.

  2. miriam campion
    miriam campion says:

    This was the BEST podcast I’ve heard, right to the heart and roots of the issue of unhealthy eating and highlighted the larger importance of a healthy life full of love for yourself and vitality, instead of just focusing on diet which is just a piece of the puzzle.


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