322: The Expectancy Effect – Fast Track to Higher Performance

Here’s what I think: the expectancy effect, when applied, can change your life.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who are struggling. Their emails say things like, “I can’t get motivated” or “I do alright for a couple days but then I blow it” and “my weekends are out of control”.

All of these emails have one thing in common: low expectations.

There is a behavioral theory called the expectancy effect. It has been studied, scientifically, in depth. It basically says this:

Low expectations deliver low performance. Higher expectations deliver higher performance.

If you aren’t satisfied with your performance, check your expectations.

You are likely forecasting failure, frustration or inconsistency.

We don’t just do this with ourselves – we do it with colleagues, children, romantic partners and strangers on the street.

Leverage the expectancy effect & you can change your life!

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