331: Carbs And Fat Loss

There is way too much confusion about carbohydrates. Too many people lump them all in the same category and act as if grams of carbs or calories are the only relevant factor. That’s not the case.

Others act as if all carbs are “bad” – also not the case.

Some suggest that carbs are essential and even when pursuing fat loss we should consume multiple servings of quality carbs each day – that is untrue for most people.

Some people suggest that your metabolism works like an accounting system and we need to consume carbs in the morning if we wish to burn them off. That reflects a fundamental misunderstanding about metabolism and macronutrient utilization.

While it can be frustrating to hear conflicting opinions, I have some good news:

  • Carb strategies for sustainable fat loss are not complex or difficult
  • Your body will never lie about works & feels best for you

In today’s episode we’re clearing up the confusion and reviewing carbohydrate metabolism & storage for those seeking any degree of fat loss.

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2 replies
  1. Sharlet
    Sharlet says:

    In my opinion this was an exceptional podcast. I like all of EB’s podcasts (and encourage people to subscribe if you are not already doing so) but when she gets into her science geeky self, I am blown away with the knowledge she imparts. And it is true that sometimes we need to revisit something more than once to have it sink in and germinate to the point that we then can have those “uh ha” moments. This is one such podcast that I’ve listened to twice and then saved it for easy access. I knew the diet myths such as calories in calories out and all sugars and carbs are created equal. But what really helps me is when Elizabeth talks about how the body uses carbs, sugars and proteins and how, when, and where they are stored and the process needed for them to be utilized. As I listened again and again I could sense myself getting it and I know that I now need to write it down because visual learning is necessary for me to complete the puzzle. To understand this information is a huge tool when considering food choices and this information will inspire me to be more active. Thank you, E.B.


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