337: 6 Changes We All Need To Make

I rarely make blanket recommendations. When I talk about nutrition, I’m quick to say that strategies depend on your goals.

When I talk about nutritional improvements, I’m quick to consider someone’s baseline. I’m not going to recommend the Golden Rules of Carbs & Fat Loss to someone who is currently eating fast food & candy every day. It would probably be too big a transition for them, right now.

I think that almost all change is relative to the individual and their goals.

However, there are a small list of changes that I think EVERYONE would benefit from, regardless of their goals and their baseline.

In today’s episode I’m sharing what those are and why I think they’re so important.

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Episode: Water & Water Filters

Aquasana Water Filtration Pitcher

Aquasana Shower Filter

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2 replies
  1. mary
    mary says:

    Hey! LOVE your podcast. I could go ON and ON and ON about how transformative it has been for me since i started listening a few weeks ago (yay, SO many episodes I can now catch up on).

    For water filtration…what about baths? I’m going to get the shower system, but I have kids and bathe them…no showers. does it work the same way. I’ll totally google it, but i’m curious what you have to say.

    Also, as I was eating almond butter right now I thought “what would Elizabeth have to say about this”…and without having to ask, you already have a podcast on it! Yay!

    I’m a non-practicing Registered Dietitian. Your science talk is EVERYTHING and I could listen all day long. B/c it’s just enough to fulfill my love of all things chemistry/metabolism/etc from when I was in school. Thanks!

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Hi Mary! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast 🙂
      As for baths: yes! They matter too. You can either use the shower filter to fill the tub or there’s a little partial hack. If you take a 1000mg vitamin C tablet and dissolve it in the tub, it will neutralize chloramine. That doesn’t eliminate toxins but it’s absolutely better than nothing. The ideal (and by far most expensive step) is a whole house filter that filters all the water coming into the house but there’s lots of alternatives.


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