Episode 046: Water – What You Need to Know for Fat Loss, Health & Longevity

May 12, 2015

In today’s episode we’re talking about water: why we need it and how it can hurt us. Yup, we’re taking a deep dive into water quality, why we need water filters, what’s very likely in our water and how we can protect our health with a high quality water filter.

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The Problem:

  • Most of us do not drink enough water
  • The water we do drink is often not as pure and clean as it should be
  • Even mild dehydration negatively impacts our health, metabolism, ability to focus, energy and more

The Solution:

  • Focus on foods rich in water
  • Assess the color of your urine and hydrate accordingly
  • Drink when you’re thirsty
  • Dissolve vitamin C in your bath water (1000 mg)


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