387: How To Become A Better Fat Burner

You can become a better fat burner. If you are overweight, if you have regular cravings or feel like you’re hungry all the time, I’d bet that your body isn’t very good at burning your stored body fat.

We can change that.

In today’s episode we’re talking about how you train your body to either be carbohydrate dependent or an efficient fat burner.

If your body can’t efficiently access your stored fat as fuel, you’ll have to eat more than someone who can efficiently access & burn fat. Plus, you’ll be more hungry & have less energy.

We’re going to address what ketosis is, what ketones are and how you can begin to train your body to become a better fat burner.

We’re also chatting about an upcoming masters class on creating motivation & building consistency. Honestly, none of these nutritional strategies matter if you don’t have the discipline to build the habit in the first place. I hope you’ll join me! Here’s the link to register:


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Key terms from today’s episode:

Ketosis is a state of metabolic efficiency where you are able to burn stored energy in the form of body fat and ketones & not be dependent on regular high carbohydrate meals to sustain your energy, mood and cognitive focus.

Ketones are an energy source just like carbs, fat & protein are energy sources. Ketones can be used by your brain, your heart, and your muscles. Ketones are produced by the liver as a byproduct of fat metabolism.

Ketones produced under certain conditions:

  • blood sugar is low
  • insulin is low
  • muscle & liver glycogen stores are low

To understand more about this, listen to the following episodes of the Primal Potential podcast:

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  1. Koren Manrique
    Koren Manrique says:

    I just wanted to respond to the comment you had about Thrive Market: I LOVE getting your recommendations! One of the things I love about your podcast is that you never pass on a product or service without trying it out yourself and giving us your reviews, whether your OXO chopper or Paleo Power Meals. If it earns your endorsement, it’s because you believe in it and you want to share it with everyone, not because someone paid you to do it! Honest reviews and recommendations are one of the things I know I can count on from you and it’s one of the reasons I recommend your podcast to my friends. In fact, I passed on the info for this podcast to a friend who had just asked me about keto! Keep passing on your recommendations! We’ll keep listeing!


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