400: Before You Buy – Dietary Supplements

Should you be taking a supplement? Do you need one? How do you know what you need? How do you know what quality supplements are?

In today’s episode we’re tackling a series of questions to help you decide if you need a supplement, which one you need and if it’s improving your health (or you’re wasting your money).

Before you buy dietary supplements, listen to this episode!

For other episodes I’ve done on specific supplements & nutrients, check out the links below in the Resources section.

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  1. Koren Manrique
    Koren Manrique says:

    I love your approach to the whole supplement issue! I would also recommend that when you do decide to take a supplement, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE! I’m pretty compulsive about this with prescriptions and any supplements/ herbal remedies, mainly because of drug interactions, contraindications & potential overdose. Last year a friend of mine was told by her doctor to start taking vitamin D and after 6 months, her level had barely gone up although she was taking the dosage the doctor wanted. When she told me about it, I asked her if she was taking it with food, since it’s a fat soluble vitamin, and she said no, she was taking it on an empty stomach. When she looked at the bottle, it says clearly “take with food” (she admitted not reading the instructions). Now she takes it with cheese and her levels are much better!


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