402: Game Changing Reframe On Creating Momentum

“If you get tired of walking up a hill, run. Momentum makes it easier.” ~ Ramit Sethi

While I know this & adamantly agree with it, reading it in a success tips email from Ramit Sethi was like hearing it & being moved by it for the first time.

Today’s episode is all about changing strategy to create momentum. Using effort & intensity to make the journey easier, not harder.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re tired of trying or not making enough progress, you can’t miss today’s episode!

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Here’s the full email from Ramit

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  1. April
    April says:

    If the only thing you have energy for is to play on your phone or watch TV, SLEEP.
    and Power Naps! Seriously I have been implementing these ideas more lately and they have been helping! I’m not ‘eating’ to stay awake for energy and find that I’m getting more done and am more focused because I’m not in a processed carb fog 🙂


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