Minisode: How To Bounce Back (BONUS Worksheets!)

This is probably the single most tactical episode of the Primal Potential podcast to date. If you encounter a recurring problem at work or at home, you know the steps to fix it, right? Typically, you document them. When the problem arises, you follow the steps. If your hot water stops working, you don’t freak out about never having hot water again and not knowing what to do. You know the steps. Check the pilot light, etc. But we tend to lack that strategic thinking when it comes to food and fat loss. In today’s episode, I will help you create your own Standard Operating Procedure for how to bounce back after a rough day, weekend or month.

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How to Bounce Back

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9 replies
  1. Renata
    Renata says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I enjoy the minisodes. Started the day off badly, candy bars and chips, so im glad I got this before I made it an entire day, week or month. I’m filling it in now, thanks.

  2. Lindy
    Lindy says:

    I love this practical way to create a standard operating procedure! Apart from using it to bounce-back, I’m going to use it when I feel like my big rock is tempting me 🙂
    I love the minisodes and would love to hear more of them.
    I’m off to stock up on post-its – yip, going to put a bunch of them in my car to remind me!

  3. Lisa Walls
    Lisa Walls says:

    I want the bounce back worksheet, but can’t seem to print it, I see it above, but I don’t see it as a document. What am I doing wrong? I really want it! Thanks for any help!


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