WHAT Did You Just Eat?!


When I first got out of college I worked in nutrition education. It was my job to help people understand the impact of their food choices on their health and their weight. I found that a lot of people, regardless of their weight, felt confident that they were making good choices at the grocery store and didn’t need to worry too much about food quality for themselves or their children. ...Read More

Using Buffers To Stay on Track


Earlier this week I posted an overview of buffers and triggers and shared some common examples of each. Like I said then, understanding my buffers and triggers and working with them is most of the most important differences between my lifestyle change which allowed me to lose over 100 lbs and all my past failed attempts.  Here’s a quick recap of what I explained the other day: Think of a ...Read More

Healthy Foods Aren’t Always Fat Loss Foods


I don’t care if you eat "healthy". I’m sure that more often than not, you probably do. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter. No offense. I know your intentions are good. Mine were too. I grew up in a home where my mom very much believed in serving healthy, balanced meals. I studied nutrition. I made “healthy” choices. Healthy eating and fat loss eating are NOT the same thing. A ...Read More

My Favorite Fat Loss Protein


Protein is a critical component of the Primal lifestyle. Every meal should be built around clean protein and non-starchy vegetables. Protein can be a powerful tool along your fat loss journey.  It will keep you feeling fuller for longer when compared to carbohydrates or fat. It also helps to balance blood sugar (keeping your energy and mood more stable) and control cravings.  Let’s compare 200 calories of each of the ...Read More

6 Steps to Beat Your Sweet Tooth


Sometimes you need something sweet. You need it more than you need to freaking breathe. You aren’t getting anything else done until you’ve scoured your cabinets and found something sweet. Uh huh. I get it. I’ve been there. I still get there!! There are several ways to keep that feeling at bay, but today we’re going to tackle it head on. I’m going to share with you some of the ...Read More

Want to Lose Weight? Ditch the Meal Plan!


Have you ever used a GPS system to get some place? You diligently follow the prompts – the automated voice directing your every turn. Get off course? No problem. You keep going down the wrong road until you’re rescued by “recalculating!” and then obediently turn and merge only as you’re told. You arrive at your destination and have little idea how you got there or how to get back. Meal ...Read More

100 fat loss meal ideas

What is Primal? And What CAN You Eat?


The typical American diet has changed. Drastically. In fact, in wellness circles it’s referred to as “SAD” – the Standard American Diet. Quite fitting, really, when you consider the way we have replaced nutritious, whole foods with processed, chemical-laden convenience foods. If you compared the “Standard American Diet” 150 years ago to that of today it would be like comparing apples to orangutans. Think back on what you ate over ...Read More

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