Episode 080: 10 Reasons You Need Magnesium for Fat Loss & Health

Sep 1, 2015

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body and the majority of us don’t get enough of it. It is absolutely required for more than 300 reactions in the body. Without adequate magnesium, every single aspect of your health is impaired. In today’s episode we’ll cover 10 reasons you need magnesium for fat loss, for health, for energy and much more.

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10 Reasons You Need Magnesium

  1. To generate ATP, the energy currency of the body
  2. For mitochondrial permeability. Mitochondria are the energy factories within the body
  3. Manufacture of dopamine, one of your “feel good” neurotransmitters
  4. Proper electrical signaling within the brain, contributing to mood, memory, focus and attention
  5. Detoxification. Magnesium is required for the production of glutathione, one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants
  6. Insulin sensitivity. Magnesium is required for the production of the enzymes that turn on/off cellular receptors for insulin
  7. Protein synthesis
  8. Hormone production
  9. Cortisol metabolism & stress management
  10. Blood clotting

Your Magnesium Needs Are Higher If….

  • You drink dark-colored sodas. The phosphates bind to magnesium and impair absorption
  • You consume refined sugar
  • You regularly consume caffeine
  • You regularly drink alcohol

Signs of Low Magnesium Include…

  • Constipation
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Cramping
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Insulin resistance
  • High blood pressure

Sources of Magnesium:

  • 1 cup raw leafy greens: 24mg
  • 1 cup cooked leafy greens: 157mg
  • 3 oz mackerel: 82mg
  • 1 avocado: 58mg
  • 1 sq dark chocolate: 95mg

A few notes on forms of magnesium

  • Magnesium sulfate, hydroxide and citrate often have a laxative effect
  • Magnesium glycinate and threonate have the highest absorption bioavailability
  • Magnesium taurate is great for relaxation and sleep

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