134: Overcome Information Overload

Feb 4, 2016

Sometimes we get stuck in this trap of focusing more on consuming information than on implementing it. And often, we get a false sense of affirmation from all this learning, as if we’ve actually DONE something and we haven’t. Information is awesome. Learning is wonderful. But there is no value in it without implementation.

In today’s episode I want to help you bridge this gap between learning and doing. Between knowing more and doing more. I want to help you overcome information overload so you can take what you know already and what you continue to learn and use it to improve your health, your physique, your finances or absolutely any area of your life.

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Overcome Information Overload

overcome information overload

First, I want to encourage you to implement a habit of identifying ONE action item from everything you learn.

If you read a great book, identify ONE action item you’re going to take from it and decide immediately when you will execute it.

If you listen to a fantastic podcast, immediately choose ONE action item that you will implement into your day and decide when you’re going to make that happen.

If you attend a conference, don’t merely summarize what you’ve learned, identify what specific action steps you’ll take and put them on the calendar.

Keep a “learning journal” and distinguish between information and application.

Identify what you’ve learned but then define how you can & will apply it to your life. Then put it on the calendar if you can’t do it right now.

Practice “just in time” learning and consume only information that you have the bandwidth or desire to apply now or in the very near future.


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