138: WTF Happened?

Feb 11, 2016

Let’s talk about your goals. How’s it going? Or, maybe, WTF happened?

Is there a gap between what you said you were going to do and what you’ve actually been doing?

Are you finding that you make excuses & exceptions on the regular?

You’re not alone.

But let’s not let the year slip away feeling like we could have done more or tried harder. Let’s assess the situation and get real about how we can get the results we want. That’s what today is all about.

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WTF Happened?


In today’s episode we’re talking about how to break out of the cycle of setting intentions and not doing the work. Unfortunately, we take the approach of “same pond, same frog” and end up wondering, “WTF happened?” The intentions were there, the motivation was there when we set the intentions, but same pond, same frog, nothing new to see here.

The notion of “same pond, same frog” basically means that we don’t change ourselves and we don’t change our environment but try to change the outcome. It doesn’t work.

I want to teach you, in this episode, how to set yourself up for the situation of either:

  • Same pond, new frog OR
  • New pond, new frog

You must change YOURSELF if you want to change your results.

We cannot focus on the external only. When we focus on eating differently or exercising differently, those are external foci.

Our external results are reflective of our internal results. Change must start inside.

To be successful in achieving our goals, we must strengthen the following mental muscles:

  • Motivation
  • Consistency
  • Self-discipline

In this episode I detail these 5 keys to creating new results & becoming a new frog.

  1. Start small
  2. Keep your word
  3. Challenge yourself
  4. Be positive
  5. Seek feedback from failures

Episode Quotables:

You find the answers in your practice, not in your perfection (and not in your planning)

If it were possible to overcome this challenge, what would it take? Whatever that is, can I do it one time?

We must train our mental muscles over time & under stress

Keep the promises you make to yourself



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