190: This Can Change Your Life

Jun 11, 2016

I think this episode & the paradigms we’ll discuss can change your life. I really do, if you’ll choose to let them.

Here’s the thing: life is hard. Hard things happen. Many of us choose to let these tough circumstances influence our choices. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if you want to live your best life, if you have to be your healthiest, happiest self, you need to change that patterned response.

In today’s episode I’m going to be sharing some theories about hard things, about the challenges of life and the opportunity we have to allow those hard things to help us grow, improve and excel instead of cower, complain and withdraw.

These are choices. Welcome to the human experience – sometimes it’s really challenging. How will you respond to those challenges? Will you become soft? Will you become hard? Will you develop, grow and improve?

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In today’s episode I talk about stories & situations that I believe can change your life. I believe they can help you go to the next level. I believe they can turn you from your victim & excuse mentality to your warrior and conquerer mentality.

I share a commencement address by David Foster Wallace called “This is Water” You can read the entire speech here. 

I also share a fairly cliche anecdote about enduring hardships. You can read the story of the carrot, the egg and the coffee beans here. 

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