192: Primal Potential Success Stories Part 1

Jun 16, 2016

Today’s episode is full of inspiration and real life transformations! You are going to hear some of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients share their stories of progress, obstacles and success.

If you are a regular podcast listener, you know I share a lot about my story but, I know not all of you can relate to my story.

I want to give you the opportunity to hear some other perspectives.

My hope is that one of them is the voice that makes you feel like, “Hey – I can do this!”

My summer Fat Loss Fast Track launches in just a couple weeks.  I want to give you an inside look at the kinds of experiences people are having.   To learn more and grab a space in the free webinar training, click here.

S0, for today I don’t want you to listen to me – listen to them.  Are you ready to get inspired?

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Success Stories

In this episode, four of my clients will share details from their own personal journeys and what has been most impactful in helping them transform.

Meet Client “Anonymous 1”

She was victim to the negative stories she was telling herself.  But, by changing her mindset she has seen results that have improved all areas of her life.

The biggest changes she’s experienced include:

  • Owning her thoughts and language
  • Shifting her attitude/perspective 
  • Accepting total accountability for her choices
  • No longer making excuses

Meet Thulz

Thulz used to view the her life through obesity tinted glasses.  She felt like a victim of herself and got stuck in the 0n-again-off-again diet cycle.

The biggest game-changers for her include:

  • Keeping track of her food and emotions
  • Focusing on her goals and what she can do today
  • Doing the actual work instead of spending countless hours thinking and planning for it

Meet Client “Anonymous 2”

She is a mom who initially joined to lose fat and get into smaller jeans.  She was hesitant to join at first because of the financial investment.  She wasn’t sure it would be worth it .

As you listen to her story, you will see her transformation goes way beyond her waist line and includes:

  • Feeling more confident
  • Believing in herself
  • Making more time for herself and her goals (despite being super busy)
  • Understanding the “why” behind her choices
  • More positive outlook
  • Increased productivity
  • Going beyond her comfort zone

Meet Nancy

Nancy is not a woman that has had a life long struggle with her weight.  She started to gain weight once she got a job and more responsibilities.  She was struggling with her life in general and wasn’t happy.

In addition to her physical transformation here are some of her emotional changes:

  • Wakes up happy and more positive
  • More productive and increased energy
  • Not obsessed with food anymore
  • More patience and trusts the process
  • Total control and accountability over her life

Listen to the full episode to hear these women give more in depth details about how they are losing more than weight and inches.

Just a reminder that my 12 week Summer Fat Loss Fast Track is beginning soon.  There is a simple (free) pre-requisite and that’s that you attend a webinar.  To sign up please click here.


Episode 152:  Real Physical and Emotional Transformations

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