227: Are GMOs Dangerous?

Sep 6, 2016

Are GMOs dangerous? What are GMOs? Where are they? Should I avoid them?

These are all the questions we’re answering in today’s podcast.

I’ll share my thoughts on whether or not these are something you need to worry about and what risks exist with exposure to genetically modified organisms.

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Are GMOs Dangerous? What Are They?

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Genes from one plant, animal, virus or bacteria are transferred to another plant or animal.

Generally, this process is used to make crops more resilient against environmental factors like frosts or insects, or to enhance physical features or increase shelf life and reduce spoilage.

In today’s episode, in addition to discussing my thoughts on the question, “Are GMOs dangerous”, we talk about how they are created and what impact they have on the modified organism.

Using corn as an example, we explain how corn is genetically modified. Did you know that the genetic modification of corn causes every cell in the corn plant to emit a pesticide?

Plus, the genetic modification of corn appears to change the nutrient profile.

Take a look at the side-by-side comparison of GMO and Non-GMO corn below.



What does this mean for our health? 

The technology used to create GMO crops has developed so rapidly, we cannot be certain of the long-term health effects. The burden of proof on large agricultural companies is limited and most of the research has been done on mice and rats.

How to avoid GMOs

Buy foods and ingredients that are USDA-certified organic, or from local growers you trust that don’t use herbicides. Check out the link for the Non-GMO Shopping guide below to find out more information.


Non-GMO Shopping Guide

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