248: Are Evenings Hard? How To Improve Evening Eating Habits

Oct 25, 2016

The other day I asked my Fat Loss Fast Track veterans (folks who have been through more than one Fat Loss Fast Track with me) where they feel strong in their fat loss journey and where they don’t feel so strong.

One of the most common areas of struggle was evenings. Nighttime choices. The choices made after work and during/after dinner. I don’t think they’re alone in that struggle.

Are evenings hard for you? They used to be my biggest area of struggle, for many reasons, and today we’re talking about how to improve your evening eating habits and get to a point where you feel confident in and proud of your nighttime choices.

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How To Improve Evening Eating Habits

There are many reasons for the evening struggle. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on what’s wrong with the evenings instead of focusing on how we can make improvements.

Think about it, it makes sense that evenings are hard.

  • We tend to be more tired in the evening and have more energy in the morning
  • There’s more downtime in the evening. Most snacking happens during down time & screen time and there’s less of it in the morning
  • We’re great at “beginning” – we’ve started countless diets and beginnings start in the morning, for most of us, so we are just more practiced at improving our first choices of the day than we are improving our last choices of the day. We aren’t unskilled, we’re unpracticed. 
  • We tend to have less structure in the evenings than we do in the AM
  • We haven’t built up trust and follow through

But we have power. We have opportunity. In today’s episode I’m sharing several strategies that will show you how to improve evening eating habits, build confidence, accelerate your progress and get results. Definitely listen to the whole episode! Lots of great strategies in there, including:

  • Change your attitude – stop arguing for your limitations and focusing on how hard nights are. Instead, focus on what you can do to make improvements today
  • Practice building back trust in small & large ways (this can be practiced throughout the day by doing what you say you’ll do instead of negotiating with yourself)
  • Focus on improvements – instead of being a Debbie Downer and judging yourself for suboptimal choices, look for the improvement. Choose what represents even a marginal improvement for you
  • Finish strong. No matter what happens, decide that you’ll finish each day strong, even if it’s the last 10 minutes of the day


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