656: 3 Rules for Success

Sep 16, 2019

Everyone wants to feel successful, but what are the rules for success in today’s fast-paced world of social media and information overload? Do you even know what success means to you? Would you know it if you achieved it?

I recently did a private webinar on the ‘3 New Rules For Success’ (for those on my 12 Week to Transformation WaitList). It proved popular, and all the questions and feedback inspired me to record an episode that dives into these 3 New Rules For Success.

Because they’re not the same as they used to be. The ones that applied to your parents may not apply to you. Yet if you want to live a fulfilled life of abundance, pride and happiness, you need to build success on your terms. In today’s episode, we explore how.

I’ve written an article that explores this further below. Whether you prefer to read or listen (or both), the new rules for success may be what you need to take that all important next step. Any questions or thoughts, be sure to share them in the comments.


  1. What The 3 New Rules For Success are, and how these apply to you no matter what your situation, dreams or past
  2. How your relationship with what’s possible is often what holds you back, and how you can overcome this by asking ONE simple question each day
  3. The role your comfort zone plays in your current success, and why small daily steps are the key to long term success
  4. How the decisions you make today determine the success you enjoy tomorrow
  5. What happens when you combine Mindset and Skillset, and the role today’s society plays that holds most people back 
  6. How I’ve personally introduced a new habit into my life, and the daily impact it has on my decision making, mood and productivity
  7. The real reason I created The 12 Week to Transformation Program, and why I’m committed to helping other people learn from the mistake I made
  8. How to make a single step today, which will have a huge impact on the success you build tomorrow.



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