653: 3 Thoughts on Raising a Daughter that Can Change YOUR Life

Sep 9, 2019

Raising a daughter is supposedly one of the hardest yet most satisfying adventures there is. It is without doubt, scary. Soon, I’ll be a mother. I will have a daughter. So much of who she will become is down to me and the example I set.


Exciting, yes. 

Terrifying… you bet.


The fact I’ll soon be raising a daughter has created a lot of internal questions, and I’m thinking about life in a completely new way. In particular, there are 3 important things on my mind. That’s what I’d like to share with you in today’s episode.


Whether you’re raising a daughter or not, these 3 aspects are relevant to you and the journey you’re one. This isn’t about having kids, but rather you being conscious of WHO you are and the example you set (for others, and for yourself).


I’ve written an article to accompany this below, which explores my current thoughts into raising a daughter. I hope you take a lot from it, and I hope it empowers you to question the example you set.



  1. How I’ve had a mindset shift since getting pregnant, and specifically how my thinking has changed since I learned I was having a daughter
  2. The 3 biggest aspects currently on my mind, questioning how I wish to raise my daughter
  3. Why making changes and thinking differently begins with a choice, and how you can choose to make that right now
  4. How none of this has anything to do with raising a daughter, and how it’s applicable to YOU whether you have kids or not
  5. How the best way to teach is to set an example, not only for those you wish to impact, but also for yourself
  6. How to live a life with NO LIMITS, and how this often begins by revisiting your past
  7. What the two switches in mindset are to help you make immediate changes (right now!)
  8. How to deal with adversity, and continue to smile throughout the hardest of times


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