303: Effort Versus Outcome

Mar 2, 2017

We all want consistent results. Of course we do! Unfortunately, we often invest more energy in hoping for outcomes than in maximizing our effort & consistency.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing a conversation with one of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients where we talk about effort versus outcomes.

When I asked her what she wanted, she said she wanted more consistent results. I quickly redirected her to a focus on consistency in her effort and the application of what she knows.

While she agreed with me, she also shared that she forgets. Day to day, she forgets to redirect her focus from outcomes to effort. Fair point!

We took the conversation to how she can keep effort & consistency in the forefront of her mind.

We also have a great conversation about getting bored with food, feeling guilty when you indulge and living a to-do list instead of living a life. This is a  powerful, jam-packed, practical episode! Don’t miss it!

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