343: What Drives Your Choices?

Jun 3, 2017

Please do not confuse thoughts with emotions. Many people think that it’s our emotions, our feelings, that drive our choices.

It’s not.

It’s our THOUGHTS. Sure, it can be our thoughts about what we feel, or it can just be thoughts without emotional ties.

If you want to change the choices you make, you’ve first got to understand the thoughts that drive them, both good & bad.

You have to be willing to surrender this hyper focus on tactic. If you aren’t consistently making the kinds of choices you want it, it’s not because you’ve yet to find the right program, meal plan or calorie allotment.

It’s because of the way you think prior to making a choice.

Today I’m going to help you discover the thoughts that are helping you, the thoughts that are hurting you and what you can do about it.

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