354: Tackling Food Addiction & Feeling Powerless

Jun 29, 2017

Are there foods that you feel have more power than you do? Like once you stop with that certain thing, you just can’t stop? Do you ever feel like you’re addicted to sugar?

I’ve certainly been there and so has one of my clients, with whom I’m chatting on today’s episode.

After losing 100 pounds, she convinced herself that she had been addicted to certain foods and she didn’t have the power or self-control to include them in her life. For a time, that perspective really served her. It helped her keep the weight off and consistently make quality food choices.

However, things changed and she realized she wanted to trust that she has far more control than any food, at any time. She wanted to find her own power and move beyond the idea that food was more powerful than she was.

Today we chat about finding your power, overcoming fear and a different approach to the idea of food addiction.

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