356: Complacency & Rationalization

Jul 4, 2017

Do you feel like you’re a bit complacent? You want more results but you’re just not pushing yourself to get those results?

On today’s episode I’m talking with one of my clients who has lost 70 lbs and wants to lose more. When I asked about his current challenges & struggles he said, “I’ve become complacent.”

He finds himself rationalizing choices because one treat or indulgence won’t really make a big difference in the long run.

Part of this is human nature. Our motivation, if not constantly cultivated, ebbs & flows. Plus, with 70 lbs of weight lost, it’s easy to focus on how much you’ve accomplished and use that to justify throttling back on the effort.

And, we can rationalize & justify pretty much everything.

The problem is: that’s not what this client wants. He doesn’t want to throttle back. He doesn’t want to rationalize & justify. He wants to overcome the complacency. Today, we talk about how.

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