360: Taking Control Of Your Life

Jul 13, 2017

In today’s episode I share a conversation with one of my Masters Club clients. When I asked her about the most significant changes she’s made in her life, she shared how she’s now certain that she is in control of her life. She’s in control of her food choices, her physique, her career, finances and much more.

Our discussion centers around a few follow-up questions: did you always feel like you had that control? And: how did you create it? How has that sense of control impacted how you take care of your body?

Specifically, we talked about how she transitioned to feeling limited because of her circumstances to feeling empowered regardless of her circumstances. 

Then we got talking about her struggles. She isn’t seeing the physical progress she knows she is capable of and she feels like she needs more standards for herself when it comes to food. We quickly got to the root of the problem: eating too much of the “right” things. She’s improved the quality of what she’s eating, but the quantity is probably a bit much for her goals.

Together, we established a strategy for paying more attention to how much she’s eating versus how much she needs to eat.

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