Ep 109: 4 Fat Loss Best Practices

Dec 8, 2015

Today’s show goes into 4 of 12 fat loss best practices contained within my 2015 Fat Loss Best Practices Blueprint. You can get the blueprint (normally $97) for FREE.

The strategies within the blueprint include 4 critical categories: diet, lifestyle, mindset & fitness. Today’s episode details once strategy from each of the 4 categories.

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4 Fat Loss Best Practices

Get the full best practices blueprint!

I’ve outlined 12 high-impact fat loss best practices in this guide that you can get for free until January 1st, 2016. Here are 4 of the strategies I go into in detail in today’s episode. Listen to the full episode to get all the details!

  1. Carb backloading
    • Eating carbs at night
    • Why morning is the worst time for carbs when your goal is fat loss
    • Keeps you in fat burning mode
    • Minimizes time in storage mode
    • Decreases hunger & cravings
    • Increases energy
  2. Sleep
    • Quality & quantity
    • How we impair sleep via diet & lifestyle
    • The impact of sleep deprivation on insulin
    • The impact of sleep deprivation on hunger & cravings
    • Diet, lifestyle & fitness changes that will improve sleep & accelerate fat loss
  3. Affirmations
    • Why they matter
    • How we get it wrong
    • How to make them work for you
    • My first affirmations
  4. Sprinting
    • How to sprint regardless of your fitness level
    • What sprinting really means
    • Types of sprints
    • Why sprinting is the investing of exercise


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Get Your Hands on the 2015 Fat Loss Best Practices Blueprint!

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