430: Slowing Down To Speed Up – Stamina Before Intensity

Dec 21, 2017

I caught myself making a big mistake in my approach to creating an improvement in my life. While my mistake was in the gym, it’s a mistake I see most people making in the way they approach losing weight or improving their food choices.

This mistake, which I describe in detail in today’s show, is choosing intensity before establishing stamina. While this can absolutely happen in the gym, it’s just as common in our food choices.

Choosing intensity over stamina means choosing the intense approach without first building consistent basics. That might be a Whole 30 right from your standard American diet, or going from indulging too frequently to strict keto – but we jump to the intense approach hoping for faster results without realizing that we haven’t laid a solid foundation for change. Then, we bail. We get frustrated or can’t sustain the extent of the change and we give up.

Our ambition exceeded our preparation. Our motivation is greater than our stamina. We might have the desire to create big changes but we need to slow down, establish a solid foundation and making gradual changes that last instead of massive changes that don’t.

In today’s episode I’m talking about how and where we most often make this mistake and sharing some ideas of how you can establish that stamina for change before dipping your toes in the waters of intensity.

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