Ep 110: 5 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 10, 2015

Can we have a little fun today? I want to talk about fun, healthy holiday gift ideas. I’ll admit right off the bat that I’m a super practical person. I have enough sweaters, candles and knick knacks. Give me something I can use!

I’m always looking at what might increase my focus, motivation & desire to get healthy, stay organized, build my business or live my best life.

Some people feel really motivated by new workout clothes, others by organization & simplification, others by new kitchen appliances. Know what will help you get excited to improve your health and invest in THAT this year.

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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas


Immersion Blender

I’m a huge fan of the immersion blender for things like bulletproof coffee, chocolate avocado mousse and mashed cauliflower. Plus, it’s super portable & convenient for travel!

OXO Salad Chopper

I use my OXO salad chopper almost every day. I use it most often for salads. For example, if I have hardboiled eggs in my salad, using the salad chopper lets the yolks become a creamy element for the salad. Same thing with avocado or guacamole. It blends the flavors and reduces the need for dressings. I also use it for my fave breakfast dish: shredded cabbage with eggs, bacon & avocado. I love volume but I had things that are super dry.

Kettlebells or Jump Ropes


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