Ep 114: 5 Ways We Talk Ourselves Into Sabotage

Dec 19, 2015

Self-sabotage poses a huge threat to your goals and your health. Beyond that, it’s incredibly frustrating. The key to overcoming it is to understand the ways we talk ourselves into sabotage.

Most people are so frustrated that they continuously set goals then get in their own way. In many cases, they don’t even understand how or why it’s happening.

How can you want something so bad yet continue to sabotage? Why are you getting in the way of something you want so badly?

I’ve found that there are 5 common arguments we use to talk ourselves into sabotage. In today’s episode, I’ll go through the ways we talk ourselves into sabotage and give you a worksheet and checklist to identify how to change the behavior.

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5 Ways We Talk Ourselves Into Sabotage

Definitely listen to the full episode for an explanation of how we use these senseless (false) arguments and how to stop. But, before you take a listen to the episode, click here to get your worksheet and checklist!

  1. I’ll start tomorrow
  2. This one thing doesn’t make a difference
  3. It’s not working anyway
  4. I can make up for it later
  5. I’ve been so good (so I’ve earned it)

In the episode we talk about why these arguments are not only counterproductive but also completely untrue. I introduce a detailed strategy on how stop letting these lies sneak up on you and throw you off track.

We don’t use these arguments because they are real or true. We use them because they give us what we want: permission to be be indulgent.

The most effective way to remove the power of these lies we tell ourselves is to identify:

  • what they are
  • when we use them
  • that they are completely untrue and counterproductive
  • positive affirmations with which to replace them

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