What’s your bliss point? That’s the conversation I want to have with you as we go into the holiday season.

For me, feeling amazing during the holidays has as much to do with my mindset as it does to do with my choices. Probably even more. I used to go into the holidays with a ton of anxiety. I was worried about the food that would be available. I worried about overeating and I worried about restriction and missing out.

It didn’t work. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t enjoying myself.

Now, I think about my bliss point. The intersection of enjoyment and feeling amazing.

This is actually a common marketing term!

bliss point is the amount of consumption that maximizes a customer’s satisfaction for a particular good or service. For example, the bliss point of ice cream might be one small bowl and the bliss point for travel might be one trip a month. A customer who exceeds their bliss point may feel stressed, unsatisfied or regretful. Bliss point is purely related to a customer’s needs and wants as opposed to budget. It has implications for product design, customer experience, diversification and pricing. (Simplicable.com)

As you go into a holiday, a family meal or even a weekend or evening out – what is the intersection of feeling great about your choices and fully enjoying yourself?


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