Can we change everything about ourselves or are there some things we just need to accept? This is one of many topics we’re diving into today on this Q&A episode of the podcast!

  • I know that if you think you’re an emotional eater that is what you’ll live like. But: what if that’s what you really are? And what about being stubborn? Is that a characteristic that is really you or what? Can you really change everything you want or is it that sometimes you need to just accept that that is who you are?
  • How do I push myself to get to my goal?
  • Are values and standards the same thing?
  • My knees hurt, I’m 80 lbs over weight, but my doctor told me I should exercise. I’m working 2 jobs and am in graduate school full time, I’m barely getting my 7 hours of sleep a it is. What can I do?
  • I was wondering if you had any suggestions for adult acne? Can it be cured through one’s diet?

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