Q&A 29: Food & Pain – Arthritis and Nightshades, Tummy Troubles and FODMAPs

Sep 24, 2015

Should you avoid nightshades and FODMAPs? You probably want to know what they are first, right? I’ve been getting lots of questions about what they are, how they impact health and if they should be avoided. In today’s Q&A episode we’re defining them, explaing how they act in the body, establishing who should take caution and how everyone can reduce any potential negative impact of nightshades and FODMAPs.

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Should You Avoid Nightshades & FODMAPs

  • What are they?
    • FODMAPs are certain carbohydrates which aren’t easily digested. Because of this, they’re likely to hang out in the intestines and ferment, causing gas, bloating, diarrhea or stomach pain in sensitive individuals
    • Nightshades are a group of plants that trigger an immune reaction (joint pain, arthritis, inflammation) in sensitive individuals
  • How do they act in the body?
    • FODMAPs and tummy troubles -may trigger mild to severe digestive issues
    • Arthritis and nightshades – Nightshades may trigger immune and/or inflammatory reactions
  • Who needs to limit or avoid them?
    • Identify your own sensitivity via tracking your body’s response to foods within each category
    • If you find that you have a reaction, do a 10-14 day elimination test and continue to monitor your symptoms, progress and hormonal biofeedback
  • How can you minimize the impact?
    • Cook and/or peel nightshades
    • FODMAP sensitive individuals may benefit from probiotic supplementation

Arthritis and Nightshades

  • Calcitriol and nightshades
  • Calcium in soft tissue


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