553: Chaos Without Crisis

Jan 14, 2019

I used to use stress, pressure, chaos and crisis as reasons to not take care of myself. As soon as life got hard, I’d stop trying. I’d stop making good food choices, I’d stop going to the gym, I’d stop being financially responsible. I’d check out.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always easy to do the right things when it feels like you’re in crisis mode, but there are a few things I knew for sure:

  1. Take care of yourself makes the chaos dramatically more manageable
  2. Not taking care of yourself makes it dramatically more difficult to manage
  3. It is possible to make great choices when life is hard
  4. It is worth it

Last week was straight CHAOS for me. I closed on a new property and there were innumerable hoops to jump through at the last minute. I moved into it. I moved out of my tiny house the same day. My boyfriend moved in with me. A new tenant moved into the tiny house. My 98-year-old grandmother was in the hospital and required surgery. My first book launched. The 12 WT launched. Plus, I had my normal workload, which is quite heavy to begin with.

I was determined to not only get through the week, but to enjoy it and to take impeccable care of myself through it all. In today’s podcast, I’m sharing my own strategies for navigating chaos without crisis and without putting self-care on the back burner.


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