Episode 081: Common Fat Loss Challenges with Heather Robertson

Sep 3, 2015

Heather Robertson, a working mom of 3, lost 170 lbs after a lifetime of struggling with her weight. She is now a fat loss coach, podcaster and blogger at Half Size Me and we teamed up to address some of the most common fat loss challenges and how we tackle them. We talk about how she taught herself moderation, how she maintains motivation, dealing with food pushers and much more!

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Questions We Tackle

  • How do you transition away from the “all or nothing” dieting mindset that is so common in failed diet attempts?
  • What strategies do you use to practice moderation and enjoy food without going overboard?
  • How do you handle food pushers and people who criticize the way you eat?
  • How do you get over thinking and believing that you’re fat? How did you overcome years and years of negative self-talk?

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